Stoutman’s is located on James’s Street beside the The Guinness Storehouse and the new Pearse Lyons Distillery, and a five minute walk from Vicar Street.

The Venue at Stoutman’s is a large room covering two levels. There is a dedicated entrance hallway.

The Venue at JK Stoutmans

The lower level holds approximately 200 people, while the upper mezzanine level holds approximately 100 people.
For smaller gigs, the mezzanine may be roped off and the lower level can be configured using various drapes and table settings to create a more intimate environment.

The Venue at JK Stoutmans

For pre-event drinks, the public bar which holds approximately 70 people may be reserved.

Stage View from Lower Floor:

The Venue at JK Stoutmans

Stage View from Mezzanine:

The Venue at JK Stoutmans

No shortage of sockets here!:

The Venue at JK Stoutmans

A video walkthrough of  The Venue at J.K. Stoutmans


The venue includes a PA System with front of house and monitoring systems. Bands are expected to provide their own back line / mics / leads etc. The stage is amply provided with mains power.


We are looking for bands featuring “real” music with an emphasis on blues and jazz, although we would love to hear from just about any bands that feature proper musicians that don’t use backing tracks!



The Venue will be promoted via a number of online outlets including;

Venue Website

Dublin Sessions




Tour Operators etc

We will also use hardcopy (posters etc.) on the premises